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Samsung Watched Too Much RoboCop

I may be a uniqu

e case, but RoboCop 2 has left me largely traumatized and I would hope that those droids won't materialize in my life time. What do you do if a failing droid is in front of you and tells you have 5 seconds to surrender? You get shot, that's what. (yes, I am paranoid.). 

The movie scenario has come a step closer to reality with a patent recently been given to Samsung that describes an automatic shooting mechanism that is pitched as a device to replace security forces, including soldiers and police, in public places. With some fantasy, you may even see some similarity between the enforcement droid in the movie and Samsung's sketches, sans mobile base. But let's be honest a mobile base is the least problem if robots can drive cars over distances of 50 miles and more today.

Samsung believes that its robot can protect places that need to be heavily guarded, such as nuclear power plants, but its invention can also be used in public airports such as airports or train stations. I am sure that this thing could fish out individual people from a crowd, but I am not sure if anyone at an airport would feel comfortable of being monitored by a robot that can remove a safety mechanism itself and shoot by itself with "high accuracy" - and without conscience, I might add.

What if it fails?