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Mirror, Mirror: Samsung's Reflective OLED Changes Way You Shop

O.M.G. you guys. Shopping addicts' dreams are becoming reality with Samsung's new Mirror and Transparent OLED displays. Intended for clothing and jewelry stores, these displays allow users to virtually try on outfits and browse items without touching them. Forget lugging an arm full of shirts back to the dressing room, because now consumers can pretend they're hanging out with Cher and Dionne from Clueless and try on that yellow plaid number without removing a single article of clothing.

These new OLED displays accomplish this totally radical feat using an integrated Intel Real Sense camera, which creates a three-dimensional image of the user on the display. The image can then be manipulated with gesture controls, so consumers can see how they would look from any angle without getting fingerprints all over the mirror.

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While Samsung's Mirror OLED display could replace the fitting room, the company's Transparent OLED will leverage the same technology to create virtual point-of-sale systems. Samsung mentions car dealerships, information terminals and hotels as examples of areas that would benefit from such a display.

While other manufacturers have created similar technology, Samsung's displays are the first to combine OLED and Real Sense. The OLED will purportedly provide the mirrors and fitting "windows" with much more vivid colors (100 percent of the NTSC gamut versus the 70 percent of competitors, according to Samsung) and brighter displays than the competition. 

Currently these displays have been announced for use by Chinese jewelry company Chow Sang Sang, and are only being showcased at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. If you want to channel you're inner Cher, you'll have to hurry -- they're only on display for the rest of this week.

Alex Cranz is the Assistant Reviews Editor at Tom’s Guide. When she’s not devising tests for new tech she’s figuring out the best way to run Plex on it. Follow Alex @alexhcranz. Follow Tom's Guide at @tomsguide, on Facebook.

Alex Cranz
Alex Cranz is the Associate Reviews Editor at Tom’s Guide. She spends her days developing and implementing new benchmarks and playing with 4k displays. Her evenings are devoted to Destiny, Xena and building the ultimate Plex server.