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Samsung Launches Smart TVs With Gestures, Voice Control

Among those new TVs are 10 that ship with gesture and voice control capability.

A Kinect-like feature is made possible via camera and microphone integration that comes standard with the LED ES7500, LED ES8000 and Plasma E8000 models. According to Samsung, consumers can launch apps such as Facebook or YouTube, or search the web via voice commands. Waving the hand will move the cursor and select links. The TVs integrate a Samsung dual-core processor as well as a new Webkit-based web browser to improve overall performance. The high-end 7500 and 8000 TVs ship with a remote with an integrated touchscreen. A wireless keyboard that is compatible with Samsung's TVs as well as the Galaxy Tab tablet is sold as an option.

It is interesting to note that Samsung has put a lot of extra work into these TVs, besides the obvious feature of simply enabling apps. There are several exclusive apps such as "Family Story" that enables families to create a small network to share content such as pictures, "Fitness" that helps users manage weight goals, and "Kids" that provides infotainment and games in a "kid-friendly" interface.

The ES7500 model will be priced from $2600, $2930 and $3380 for the 46, 50 and the 55-inch models and ship this month. The ES8000 will cost from $3750 and $4400 for the 55 and 60-inch model and will also hit retail this month. The flagship 65-inch version of the ES8000 will be priced at $5100 and has no launch date yet. The E8000 plasma TVs come in 51, 60 and 64-inch sizes for $2200, $3080 and $3950.

The video demo from Samsung is a little over-enthusiastic, but it does get the point across that this isn't just a regular TV.