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Samsung Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Blu-ray Player

New York (NY) - Samsung has been sued in the first class action lawsuit over a Blu-ray Disc player, as it faces allegations of selling a defective product that will never be able to play certain movies.

Bob McGovern filed the lawsuit because his Samsung BD-01200 player has a "defective design and/or manufacture," causing several Blu-ray Disc titles to be unplayable on it.

The BD-01200 launched in June 2006, with hardware that is incapable of playing back some movies that have come out since then, including The Day After Tomorrow.

According to Wired, the 01200 is the only current model that faces this problem. Samsung has refused to offer a firmware upgrade for the player that would fix the problem. The lawsuit is open to other consumers who have purchased Samsung’s player.

Starting this year, manufacturers will be required to adhere to more specific guidelines in order to receive a seal of approval from the Blu-ray Disc Association, but until now the hardware specifications have been much more lenient. Samsung has not yet responded to the lawsuit.