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Samsung Gear 360 Just Hit Lowest Price Yet

Rumors about Samsung's new Gear 360 Camera have remained quiet since the fall, but that hasn't stopped retailers from hacking away at the camera's price tag. Most recently it's Amazon who has slashed the price of the Gear 360 to an all-time low of $209.95.

Samsung Gear 360 VR CameraView Deal

Just last month the e-commerce giant dropped the camera's price to $225.99 (down from its list price of $349.99) and, a little more than 4 weeks later, Amazon is at it again offering the VR camera at an even steeper discount of $209.95.

The Samsung Gear 360 was built to create immersive, 360-degree photos and videos. To do this, it packs two fisheye lenses (180 degrees) on opposite sides of the camera, which capture video in every direction. It's capable of recording video at 3840 x 1920 while images max out at 30 megapixels. All content is stitched together on your smartphone and, to use your video, you'll need to own a Samsung smartphone such as the Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge, or Galaxy S6. At the time, Samsung has no plans to make an iOS app.

The Gear 360 isn't waterproof, but it does feature a protective housing that guards it from the occasional splash of water.

If you currently own a Samsung smartphone, or plan on upgrading to one, the Gear 360 is a nice companion that's fun, easy to use, and takes great video.