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Is This the Galaxy S8?

Another day, another hint at what the future might look like for Samsung's not-so-secret Galaxy S8.

Mobile retail site Mobile Fun has listed for sale the Olixar Ultra-Thin Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Case. The company, whose post was earlier discovered by Sammobile, has also published images of the case, which wraps around a device believed to be the Galaxy S8 Edge.

Neither Samsung nor Olixar has confirmed it's the real deal, and it might be based on market speculation, but in many circumstances, case designers will get product designs ahead of time from the manufacturer to have their accessories ready for a device's launch.

The images show a smartphone that doesn't look all that different from the current Galaxy S7 Edge. The handset appears to come with a big screen that curves on both sides. However, unlike previous Galaxy handsets, the Galaxy S8 Edge in the photo doesn't feature a home button. Instead, it appears that the home button has moved under the screen.

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There also appears to be an extra button on the smartphone's side that might be used to activate Samsung's new virtual personal assistant called Bixby. That assistant is believed to have been built by Viv Labs, whose co-founder helped create the original Siri.

In a separate video posted by Samsung Display, you'll see a device that's almost all screen up front. Some have speculated that this could be the Galaxy S8 or something that looks like it, but it's highly doubtful that Samsung would leak its own flagship.

Credit: YouTube

(Image credit: YouTube)

Update: this video is no longer on YouTube, but we screen captured a photo from it. We found another video from Samsung Display that's still live that shows what looks like a more generic futuristic phone that's almost all screen up front.

A slew of reports have said Samsung is planning to announce the Galaxy S8 in April -- about two months after the company typically showcases its new flagship.

However, some recent reports say Samsung is considering unveiling the device at Mobile World Congress next month, followed by an on-sale date of April.

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