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Here's the Galaxy S10's Answer to Pixel 3's Night Sight

Google isn't the only smartphone maker thinking seriously about how to snap better photos in low-light conditions.

Credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter

(Image credit: Benjamin Geskin/Twitter)

The folks over at XDA Developers have discovered lines of code that point to a new feature called Bright Night. The code doesn't say too much about how it would work, but WCCFTech, which earlier reported on the leak, said that it could be a new low-light mode for snapping photos, similar to Google's Night Sight. Huawei and OnePlus are also working on features that improve picture quality at night.

The idea behind Bright Night centers on taking better photos in the dark. The feature works by snapping multiple photos in succession and piecing them together to boost the available light and show more detail. The mode doesn't use an LED flash, but still creates a much better visual experience by elevating the light around the subject.

Night Sight mode works extremely well on Google's Pixel 3 and has helped to distance the Pixel 3's camera from those of other smartphones that lack it, including the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 Samsung launched this year.

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In addition to a much higher-powered processor, the Galaxy S10 could offer an in-display fingerprint sensor, up to six cameras, and a host of new features, like Bright Night, that aim at either catching up to the competition or taking it on directly. A face scanner to compete with Apple's Face ID is another likely addition.

According to most reports, Samsung will announce the Galaxy S10 line, including the Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Plus at Mobile World Congress in February. The company will likely release the handset soon after.