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Samsung Rumored to be Working on "Gear" Glasses

Samsung developing its own Google Glass competitor should come as no surprise given the company has already jumped into the smartwatch market with Galaxy Gear. Wearable tech is the Next Big Thing that even Apple is reportedly tackling alongside Google, Microsoft and a few other high-profile companies, spearheaded by Google's own Glass specs.

Samsung's Google Glass competitor, for now, is supposedly "Gear Glass" although that's likely to change before its launch. Sources said Samsung's wearable tech should make an appearance sometime around April or May of 2014, just months before Google is expected to go commercial with Glass next summer. Whether or not this wearable tech will be limited to specific phones like the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is unknown at this point.

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However there's speculation that the Gear Glass name means this is Google's device with Samsung's branding. Thus, the search engine giant may be allowing other companies to re-sell the wearable tech with their popular brands, like Motorola selling the DROID Glass on Verizon Wireless for instance. This could mean that device makers can add the specs to a bundle such as Samsung combining Gear Glass with the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and the Galaxy S5 smartphone.

For now the Gear Glass rumor is just that, but shouldn't be simply discarded. After all, Galaxy Gear was a hot rumor for a while until the device made its official appearance last month. The idea of developing Internet-connected specs just makes sense for the company, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Samsung showcasing the device behind closed doors during its first-ever developers conference just days before Halloween.

What would be unfortunate is to see the specs locked to Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy Gear if it's an in-house hardware product. If the company is merely re-selling the Google Glass specs with its own bloatware, then there's a good chance we'll still see the specs locked to Samsung phones. Selling both smartwatch and AR specs to a wider non-Samsung crowd would seemingly bring in additional revenue.

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    Makes a change to see Samsung ripping off someone other than Apple!
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