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Samsung Galaxy F Will Be Limited Edition Device for Rich 40 Somethings

Samsung is working on a foldable phone that could be known as the Galaxy F. But it might not be the easiest of smartphones to find on store shelves.

Credit: Lets Go Digital

(Image credit: Lets Go Digital)

According to a new report from South Korean news outlet The Bell, Samsung's foldable smartphone will be expensive. And because of that, the company anticipates selling it to 40-somethings who have a high amount of disposable income to afford the smartphone, according to the report.

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Citing sources who claim to have knowledge of Samsung's plans, The Bell said that the Galaxy F would be a limited edition device and Samsung will produce just 1 million units in its first production run. The company doesn't believe that the foldable smartphone will be a mainstream success because of its hefty price tag, but it does believe that an affluent group of professionals and perhaps some celebrities might find value in the handset and buy it.

While Samsung has stopped short of discussing pricing when the smartphone launches early next year, there have been hints that it could cost upwards of $1,800, or nearly double the price of today's best phones. If that's the case, Samsung would be right to believe that there would be a limited market for the smartphone.

Samsung's foldable phone is more about showcasing Samsung's design capabilities than boosting the company's sales, according to the report.

Samsung has been working on a foldable design for years and only started showcasing some of its features last month, the most important of which is the Infinity Flex display, which opens to 7.3 iches. Samsung will also include its new OneUI software to work with the design, which will support three open apps at once.

Samsung is expected to launch its Galaxy F sometime in 2019, and it could be as soon as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February.

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