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Galaxy S III for US to Launch with 2GB RAM, Dual-core CPU


When Samsung announced the Galaxy S III early last month, the company confirmed a launch date for the UK as well as a number of other countries. At the end of May, the handset launched in 28 countries. However, the U.S. was not one of them and Samsung has yet to confirm details for the U.S. launch.

This past weekend Samsung made the U.S. launch of the Galaxy S III a little more official, and announced that the device would be launching on five U.S. carriers. This includes. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and US Cellular. Though pricing on individual networks will likely vary depending on the carrier you choose, Samsung says pricing will start at $199.

Unfortunately, Samsung doesn't seem quite ready to talk specifics when it comes to a release date (or carrier specific pricing). The company said the phone would be available "starting in June" and that exact pricing and retail availability would be announced by each of the five carriers in the coming weeks.

"The U.S. launch of the Galaxy S III is the most anticipated launch of the year. As promised, we are delivering the 'next big thing' for U.S. customers and across all major carriers," said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Telecommunications America. "Galaxy S III introduces new technological innovation and takes sharing to the next level."

Most interesting of all, Samsung's announcement also confirmed that the North American version of the phone will use a dual-core Snapdragon processor instead of the quad-core Tegra 3 that's in the international model. Additionally, it looks like we are also getting the same 2GB of RAM that was announced for Japan just last month. Aside from a dual-core CPU and 2GB of RAM, the Samsung Galaxy S III boasts a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED 1280 x 720 display; an 8-megapixel camera on the back with a 1.9-megpixel affair up front; and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with Samsung's TouchWiz UI on top and new gesture functions to improve navigation. Now the question is who will be first to announce their Galaxy S III release info. Previous rumors have highlighted June 20 for the North American release so perhaps that will be the case. Stay tuned!

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[Update] Alright, who wants release dates? Pocketables has a handy-dandy run-down of what each individual carrier has announced so far. Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular are each offering the Galaxy SIII on June 21, while both AT&T and Verizon are taking pre-orders on Wednesday but have yet to announce an actual release date. For details on colors (blue or white) and capacities (16GB and 32GB) and which networks are offering what, hit up Pocketables.

  • eddieroolz
    $199 is steep for something that's not a radical improvement...but the extra RAM should help a lot.
  • a sandwhich
    Why not a tegra 3? That sucks.
  • halcyon
    I think my iPhone just melted.
  • jojesa
    I'm fine with a dual core if that translate to longer battery life.
  • bluestar2k11
    So basically, it's a galaxy II with more ram?
    Sounds overrated imo. Least it will save me money to put to upgrading my pc, should pay almost half of a 680.

    I have a Galaxy II and it's quite wonderful, fast, easy to use, and excellent pictures and screen color. I think this will hold me nicely till the Galaxy IV and quad core chips. I don't game on my phone really, i have a few but nothing resource intense, so I fail to see the need for a Galaxy III unless you don't have the II. Rather it had better battery life then a quad core chip though, even my PC doesn't always use all 4 cores, why would my phone "need" 4?
  • icemunk
    Can't wait to see the benchmarks and how they compare to the Tegra-3 version.;
  • Bloob
    a sandwhichWhy not a tegra 3? That sucks.The snapdragon is actually faster, kinda like sandy bridge vs bulldozer.
  • descendency
    The S4 version will murder the Tegra 3 version.
  • willard
    icemunkCan't wait to see the benchmarks and how they compare to the Tegra-3 version.;The chip that will find its way into the phone was actually benched several months ago.

    Spoiler Alert: It's really freaking fast, and crushed the competition on almost every single test. The landscape has of course changed more recently, but still, it's a very capable chip.
  • fulle
    a sandwhichWhy not a tegra 3? That sucks.
    Nvidia is stubborn, and doesn't think tile based rendering is a good strategy on Smartphones (they're wrong). And as such, their GPUs are outperformed by nearly everyone in 3D... as in things like gaming. The Quad Core A9 is outperformed by dual core A15s in a lot of things... making the Tegra3 SOC, something that is more marketing hype than an actual strong performer.

    Qualcomm's S4 is actually the better SOC, IMHO. It outperforms Tegra 3 in battery life in pretty much all scenarios, has better browser performance, better performance in tests like linpack (by a wide win margin at that), and is generally just much faster than Tegra3 in CPU performance. GPU, well... it has a Adreno 225, which performs very similarly to Nvidia's GPU. In some cases it's a little slower, though. Both Nvidia's POS GPU and the Adreno 225 would be utterly destroyed by a decent PowerVR GPU, and are slower than the newer Malis.

    I guess my point is that the SOC in this version of the SIII is actually a lot better than the International version.