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Runtastic Moment Fitness Watch Gets Classy

In an effort to make its fitness trackers fit in no matter if you're at the gym or the opera, Runtastic has launched the Moment, a device that looks like a traditional watch but also tracks your steps, distance and sleep.The Moment, which ranges in price from $129 to $179, will be available today.

The Moment comes in four styles: Elite, Classic, Basic and Fun. The Elite and Classic will cost $179, and the Basic and Classic will cost $129. All will be available for sale on September 4. The watch face is made of scratch-resistant mineral glass, and the case is made of stainless steel. (The Fun model will have an aluminum bezel.) All models are waterproof to 300 feet.

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The Elite version of the Moment will have the largest face, at 46mm, while the Classic and Basic will be 42mm, and the Fun model will have a 37mm face. The Fun version will come in four colors: raspberry, sand, indigo, and plum, while the Classic will come in silver, gold and rose gold. Certainly, the number of watch styles and colors gives Runtastic's watch a leg up over Withings, whose Activite and Activite Pop have much fewer options.

Like the Withings Activite Pop, the Moment will have a second, smaller dial that shows your progress toward the day's fitness goals. Additionally, a small red LED will light up when you've reached your goal for the day, as well as when a call or text message arrives. A button on the side of the Moment lets you enter sleep mode and turn off the alarm in the morning.

The Moment matches features found in Runtastic's Orbit, measuring steps, calories burned, distance and sleep; it also provides vibration alerts and syncs with the Runtastic Me smartphone app for Android, iOS and Windows devices. The Moment runs on a CR2430 coin cell battery that should last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced.

The Moment is the latest wearable to adopt a more traditional watch-like design. While first- and second-generation fitness bands and smartwatches had a more tech-inspired look, newer wrist-based devices, from the Withings Activite Pop to the Moto 360 to the new Samsung Gear S2, have adopted the circular interface familiar to watch-wearers since the middle ages. Will this spur a greater adoption of wearables? We shall see.