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RunScribe Sensor Helps Runners Train Smarter

Running wearables are fairly common, but beyond basic stat tracking, they can't help users improve things like posture or other factors that may affect one's running experience. San Francisco startup Scribe Labs is looking to change that with runScribe, a small device that attaches to the back of the shoe and uses a 9-axis sensor to capture the precise movements of the foot as is is constantly used.

The runScribe makes a number of calculations on this axis, then translates the results on 13 detailed kinematic metrics, including stride rate, foot strike type and peak levels. The data is then gathered in the runScribe app and shown in a simple infographic. Scribe Labs believes this kind of data can be useful to help consumers buy the best shoes for particular foot build and running patterns.

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Scribe Labs is currently trying to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to release the runScribe to the public. Backers can pre-order one of three different packages for the item, starting with therunScribe Starter pack for $100, which will give them a general sense of the data.  Backers can buy the runScribe Pro for $140, which will give the user full access to all 13 kinematic metrics. Finally, backers can pre-order runScribe Science for $380, which gives users full access to the raw data. Scribe Labs plans on delivering their first order by the end of November. 

The runScribe looks like the perfect accessory for the exercise-obsessed data junkie, and while we can't say how accurate the data is, we're impressed with its goal. Should it receive all of the necessary funding, we look forward to testing this device out in the upcoming months.