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Royale Opera Time-Piece Sells for $1 Million

It's funny how in an age of digital watches and smartphones, people are still willing to pay through the nose for a watch made out of little gears. True, most Swiss-crafted timepieces are marvels of engineering. But at some point, you have to ask yourself: how much are you willing to spend on a clockwork assemblage? A million dollars?

That's exactly how much you'll spend on the Royale Opera Time-Piece. A bit more, actually. It's priced at approximately $1.2 million. That makes even other luxury watches seem like cheap Casio knockoffs.

Fabrique du Temps loaded this watch for bear, making your million-dollar investment seem worth it. It's got fancy clockwork that's visible from the watch face, a tourbillion escapement for improved accuracy, and a minute repeater that chimes out the hours.

Further attempts to justify the price include the alligator-skin strap, and an 18 karat gold case that telescopes out in a very steampunk fashion. It's a nice, if excessive, addition to a wrist-based chronometer, but hey, if you're paying a million, might as well get everything but the kitchen sink thrown in, right?

[source: A Blog to Read]