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Transforming MorpHex Robot Invades Your Nightmares

We're huge fans of robots here at Tom's Guide, but there's just something about little robotic crawlers likee the MorpHex that creeps us out. Created by KÃ¥re ("Zenta") Halvorsen, the MorpHex Robot is a creepy crawling hexapod robot that can transform and disguise itself as a ball. It's a lot like one of the miniature Decepticons from Michael Bay's Transformers movies, minus all of the deadly anti-human weapons.

Luckily for us, the MorpHex Robot is completely harmless, in fact it will even dance for you and interact with its environment. Unfortunately, one thing it isn't capable of doing, is rolling around in its ball form, though Halvorsen says that function is coming in the future. Powered by 25 servo motors, the MorpHex is quite an advanced robot, despite its creepy skittering nature.