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Your Own DIY Robotech for the Kid Inside

Have you ever wanted to create your own solar-powered robot, but simply didn't have the time or money to fulfill your dream? The T3 Solar Robot Kit claims to address these two obstacles. Packaged as a 70-piece DIY kit that's presumably easy enough for humans 8 years old and above to assemble, this T3 robot should be a snap to put together.

And as for money, what other robot features a £13 ($18.75) list price? If all that wasn't enough, this contraption also transforms between humanoid (or "battloid" as Robotech fans would say), tank, and scorpion mode. Do without your daily cup of coffee a couple of times, and you'll have enough to spend on this toy-slash-mechanical curiosity.

The primary selling point of the T3 Solar Robot Kit is however (if it isn't obvious to you by now) its ability to run on solar or light power. Embedded solar panels create up to 75 milli-amperes of juice for the internal battery to trap. The solar cells have an estimated lifespan of around two years, so you can also save on batteries within that period.

According to the product page, the T3 Solar Robot can operate automatically under the sun. We're not sure if the robot can transform on its own, but you will definitely have to provide your own battlefield sounds.

T3 Solar Robot Kit (around $19.75)