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Man With Hitler Speech as Ringtone Faces Jailtime

Back in the early days of cell phones, it was all about just picking a ringtone that came with the phone. Then came polyphonic ringtones, and things got a little more musical. These days, however, you can have anything you want as your ringtone, as long as it's in some kind of digital file format.

Having a custom ringtone can be a form of expression about who you are, which is great, unless you're a Nazi. A German man now faces up to six months in prison for his ringtone – a recording of a speech given by Adolf Hitler regarding the "destruction of world Jewry," which passengers aboard a Hamburg train heard several times throughout the journey, the Telegraph reported.

After being taken into custody at the end of the train line, police found in his possession swastika stickers and photos of Hitler on his phone with the words "The greatest commander of all time."

The German constitution expressly forbids public displays of the Nazis and their works.