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RIM Patent Hints At Blackberry With

Waterloo (ON) - A recently uncovered patent from Research in Motion shows that the company has worked on a "handheld mobile communication device with movable display/cover member."

The patent, which was made available to the public this week, shows a Blackberry with a screen that can slide up and down to provide easy access to a full Qwerty keyboard while still allowing a more compact form factor for taking calls.

It looks similar to Motorola’s Razr Slider phone. The patent notes that the phone is fully operational regardless of what kind of angle at which the screen is positioned.

It underlines RIM’s push to integrate new consumer phone features in its Blackberry line, a brand highly focused on business customers. Previously, all Blackberry models have ben very utilitarian in design, and features were devoted more to communication tools than video games or digital imaging.

RIM also recently showed a patent for a multi-touch display, which could mean a Blackberry rival to the iPhone somewhere down the pipeline.