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Review: Verizon VoiceWing BroadBand Phone Service

Closing Thoughts

There are many things to consider in addition to price when shopping for VoIP service. Setup should be easy, with toll-free customer service available from early morning to late evening, 7 days a week no matter what your local time zone, in case you run into problems. The hardware provided should configure itself unless you have an unusual Internet connection and once installed not require a second thought.

VoiceWing does well against each of these criteria and the Linksys PAP2 phone adapter is also a nice piece of hardware, with my only complaint being its annoyingly bright blue LEDs.

The number of features a VoIP service provides isn't as important as having the features that you use the most, but VoiceWing also did well on this score as far as my needs are concerned. I also found VoiceWing's features easy to configure - a plus for anyone who doesn't want to read through jargon-filled documentation to get voicemail or call forwarding to work.

The final determining factor is call quality and reliability, which based on my experience, will be determined in part by your Internet connection. If you have a connection that goes down often, or slows considerably in the after-school or evening hours, you'll probably want a back-up phone regardless of your VoIP provider. That said, VoiceWing's connection Optimizer feature can help you to keep happily chatting away, even with a less-than-great broadband connection.

Overall, I liked VoiceWing and consider the online account manager as its best feature - easy to use for changing features and finding and editing information. It may not be the least expensive service out there, but it gets a thumbs-up from me for its numerous features and ease of use.