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Reemo Lets You Control Your House with a Gesture

Forget clap-on, clap-off. Imagine twisting your arm to turn on lights. Smarthome designer OpenHome has created Reemo, a device that will do just that. That's assuming the company meets its Indiegogo funding goal.

Reemo users will get a SmartPlug, which attaches to a normal wall plug. Also, users will get a series of receivers and a wearable bracelet. The bracelet uses a wireless signal to communicate with the smart plug. If a user wants to activate the device, all they have to do is point at the receiver, perform a specified gesture, and voila! the device is on. PlaytaBase has designed the Reemo bracelet to be compatible with most smart home devices, though they haven't listed which companies they have teamed up with, or how it will work. 

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Playtabase is trying to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo to finish building the Reemo system. Backers can preorder their own Reemo package (one bracelet, one smart plug, one receiver) for $160. Backers can also preorder just the smartplug+receiver or an additional Reemo bracelet for $99. If backers desire, they can have Playtabase install the Reemo system into their home for $7,500. The first orders of Reemo should by May 2015, if all goes as planned.

The concept of Reemo is really intriguing, since it offers such a unique way to access your home. Playtabase seems like a reliable company with a strong history of working in this area. However, we aren't sure how successful this campaign will be, considering that their last campaign isn't fully funded. We'll keep our eyes on this one.  

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