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The Right Way to Recycle Washing Machines

Got a broken washing machine lying around? As Alex Koretchev shows, those perforated stainless steel washing machine drums also do well as modernist lampshades. All you need is a working hanging ceiling light, and something to bind the recycle drum to the cord. Voila! You've got a lighting fixture that focuses luminance on a specific area, while providing a little ambiance for the rest of the room.

But as you probably don't have several old washing machines clogging up your basement (two's probably ok, but three or more indicates an unlucky relationship with laundry), these recycled drums represent a great opportunity for junkshop owners. Surely they enjoy plenty access to old washing machines! Putting a premium on the resulting IKEA-like lamps is easy, and less metal ends up in the landfill.

Even better, the cost of production is some minor labor, and acquisition of end-of-life appliance. In today's throwaway-happy culture, that's easier done than said. Got your own ideas on how to recycle broken appliances? Hit the comments below. Of course, we're open to recycling options for the rest of the orphaned washing machine.

Luminous Lamps Made from Recycled Washing Machine Drums