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Even in a Recession People Must Have HDTVs

At least that’s what the message is from North American TV sales data. According to iSuppli’s research data, LCD TVs are a “must have” item for the North American buyer.

iSuppli reported that North American LCD TV shipments in the first quarter 2009 amounted to 6.3 million units. Although this number shows a decline from the previous quarter, with 8.1 million units, that was with the holiday season making the drop follow the normal seasonal pattern of shipments peaking in the fourth-quarter and falling to the low point of the year in the first quarter.

Compared to a year earlier, however, the first quarter 2009 numbers are up 10.5 percent against the first quarter of 2008, perhaps showing that consumers will continue to buy TVs regardless of the economic climate.

Of course, the recession itself could be helping the TV sales along. With electronics companies and retailers trying to maintain strong sales numbers, incentives to buy that are normally reserved just for the holiday season may be carried over into the new year.

"With LCD-TV sellers in the first quarter maintaining their promotions from the holiday season, and with prices declining, television sales managed to grow compared to the same period a year earlier," said Riddhi Patel, principal analyst, television systems, for iSuppli.

  • starryman
    Well at least buying a HDTV sounds smarter than giving a bail out to the fat cats on Wall Street.
  • mustwarnothers
    Lounging around watching the tube will actually pay for itself over time.

    I paid around 1200 for our 42" Samsung.

    Going to the movies with my Girlfriend + 1 Soda + 1 Popcorn ends up being around $900 dollars anyway.
  • theuerkorn
    Of course if you're already home-bound (laid off) you might as well make this an HD experience. ;-)
  • dman3k
    How else is people going to watch Barack Obama on TV?MustWarnOthersGoing to the movies with my Girlfriend + 1 Soda + 1 Popcorn ends up being around $900 dollars anyway.Tru dat!
  • skine
    Maybe it's because the "recession" had no effect on most people, aside from rethinking their spending habits. Even this, I would attribute to the media using catchphrases such as "In this economy..."
  • kezix_69
    I don't know about a necessity but it sure is nice. I'm still glad that I didn't have to buy one. I found a broken TV that is an older model of this and I got it working by buying a $40 part and replacing it... lol

    Though HDTVs do cost A LOT less than they used to. It is actually hard to find a TV that isn't HDTV nowadays I think unless you're going for a used TV. I remember being able to buy a 19" CRT for like $50-100. A TV of the same size is now $150+, but it's HDTV...
  • WheelsOfConfusion
    Perhaps people think they need to get an HDTV to weather the coming DTV transition!

    I bought my HDTV (last year) without that in mind, but it's good to know I don't need a converter box. Just, apparently, a stronger antenna to pick up some of the new stations and their weak signals...
  • crisisavatar
    considering that for nearly 1000 bucks you can get something in the 42" neighborhood i think is an excellent time to buy.
  • 1000 bucks for 42"??

    We bought a 46" 1080P Spectre HD LCD TV in November last year for $699.

    $1000 for 42" sounds like a ripoff to me.

    And don't give me that Samsung is better than Spectre crap. In the end the quality is close enough to justify the mark down.
  • anamaniac
    I'd happily sell my HD LCD if it was mine. :)
    I'd sell it and buy a better monitor, or a third one for a tri-display.

    I don't care about inches, I care about pixel count. :)

    We have to get our priorities straight here.