Razer's New App Helps You Find Pokémon Go Pals

For a game based around bringing people together in the real world, Pokémon Go offers virtually no means of communicating with other players. Fortunately, Razer is here to help. The company's new RazerGO chat app allows you to discover fellow trainers, whether you're looking for someone local to hunt with or want to trade tips with players across the country.

The RazerGO web client will launch on Razer's website on July 20, with iOS and Android apps to follow on July 25. When using the app, you'll have three search radius options: Local (players within 3 miles); Regional (players within 60 miles) and Global (players within 600 miles). You'll be able to chat publicly with all players, or privately with just your team or a fellow trainer.

Users will also be identified by team color, so you'll no longer have to feel like you're the only one representing Team Instinct. Razer says that players will eventually be able to drop "Beacons" on the map, which will provide a meeting place for players to create a chat room.

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To celebrate the launch of RazerGO, Razer will be hosting guided "Pokécrawls" on July 20 around its flagship San Francisco store, where team members will be walking fans around the city and dropping "lures" in order to attract those extra-elusive Pokémon. It's one of many real-world events that Niantic's augmented-reality game has inspired, from boozy Pokemon bar-crawls to massive swarms of fans flocking to Central Park.

Of course, RazerGO isn't the only Pokémon Go chat app out there. A quick App Store search reveals a slew of third-party communication tools designed for the popular game, all of which seem to have the same goal of directing you to other players and team members within your area. However, some of the current choices look pretty chintzy, and given Razer's experience building gaming software, RazerGO could end up being one of the better options out there -- especially due to its sheer range.

This multitude of chat apps will likely become obsolete if Niantic chooses to integrate chat within Pokémon Go itself, but that doesn't seem to be on the developer's radar as of now. In an interview with Business Insider, Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed that Pokemon trading and more customization options are coming, but had nothing to say about in-game chat. That means we'll likely be relying on outside tools for a while, so we're eager to see how well RazerGO fills the communication void.

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