Leap Motion, Razer Turn Your Hands Into VR Controllers

Leap Motion Intro to VR

Virtual reality can feel less immersive when you have to use a controller to manipulate objects in your simulated world. That's why Leap Motion and Razer will collaborate on the OSVR Hacker Dev Kit, an upcoming VR headset that can utilize Leap Motion technology to register users' hands in great detail.

Leap Motion discussed the new partnership on its blog. While neither Razer's open-source virtual reality (OSVR) headset nor Leap Motion's hand-tracking technology is new, this is the first time consumers learned that the two would be available together.

The Leap Motion technology is a faceplate that connects directly to the headset. It tracks a user's hands and allows them to interact with objects in the digital world, which could have applications for everything from medical technology to gaming.

The OSVR Hacker Dev Kit, as the name suggests, is for developers and enthusiasts rather than the general public, so it's hard to say whether an eventual consumer version of Razer's headset will come with Leap Motion controls as well. The dev kit itself will only offer Leap Motion controls as an optional feature, and one that may drive up the price.

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Leap Motion and Razer do not have an exclusive partnership, and Leap Motion envisions the OSVR headset as a springboard for incorporation with other VR peripherals. As Razer's VR technology is open-source, programmers will be able to create experiences for it that are not tied to a single platform.

The $199 OSVR Hacker Dev Kit will be available for pre-order in May, with the headsets shipping out in June. It's not clear whether the Leap Motion controls will ship alongside the $199 model, or if it will be available in a separate bundle.

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