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Razer's Excellent Man O'War Headset Goes Wired

I fell in love with Razer's excellent ManO'War wireless headset earlier this year, but I found myself wishing for a wired version that I could use on my Xbox One or smartphone. Razer must have been listening, because the company just launched the $119 ManO'War 7.1 -- a wired headset that offers virtual surround sound on PC, and crisp analog audio for PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices.

While the ManO'War's 3.5mm cable will work with just about anything you can plug headphones into, it also includes a USB digital-to-analog converter for extra-rich sound on PC and Mac. The headset's 50mm drivers are capable of providing virtual 7.1 surround sound, but only if you're on PC and using the company's Synapse app.

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The ManO'War 7.1 brings more versatility to what's already one of the most comfortable and great-sounding headsets I've used recently. You'll get the same huge, cushy earcups and lightweight frame, as well as a retractable boom mic that you can hide when you're gaming solo. New to the 7.1 version are inline controls on the headset's wire, which let you adjust volume and mute yourself.

The only feature that the 7.1 doesn't borrow from its wireless counterpart is Chroma lighting, which allowed you to have the headset's earcup logos glow just about any color of the rainbow. It was a nice touch, but it's hard to imagine gamers missing the feature much, especially since you can't see the lights when you're actually wearing the thing.

On top of working with more platforms, the ManO'War 7.1 is $50 cheaper than its wireless counterpart at just $119. If it feels and sounds half as good as the original, it just might become my new go-to headset.

Michael Andronico

Mike Andronico is Senior Writer at CNNUnderscored and was formerly Managing Editor at Tom's Guide. When not at work, you can usually catch him playing Street Fighter, devouring Twitch streams and trying to convince people that Hawkeye is the best Avenger.