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Razer Mamba Mouse Offers Custom Look, Feel

LOS ANGELES -- Buying a new gaming mouse usually means a period of adjustment, during which you get used to the feel of the buttons. The upcoming Razer Mamba mouse looks to end that practice -- it adjusts to you instead. Users can tweak both the resistance and the color of the Mamba, making it work across a wide variety of genres.

I got to play with the Mamba firsthand at E3 2015, and the device has definitely piqued my interest. The Mamba is a medium-sized gaming mouse with nine buttons in a traditional layout -- one left, one right, a clickable scroll wheel that moves left and right, two buttons right underneath the scroll wheel and two thumb buttons. An older Razer mouse, also called the Mamba, had the same configuration, but it didn't have the new one's capacity for tuning or colored lighting.

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What sets the Mamba apart from most other mice is that you get to choose how resistant you want the left and right buttons to feel. If you need to click hundreds of times per minute for a game like StarCraft II or League of Legends, then set them for a light touch. If you need precision for games like Titanfall or Counter-Strike, set them to resist your clicks. Each button has 14 distinct settings, and you can adjust them almost instantly with a small, included screwdriver -- no software needed.

The Razer Synapse 2.0 software will come in handy for the mouse's Chroma capabilities, however. The Mamba has 15 distinct LEDs, and you can customize each one individually if you so desire. Whether you want a rainbow-wave pattern, one solid color or an outlandish mix, you can set your own patterns and even link them up with the BlackWidow keyboard and the Firefly mousepad for synchronized spectra.

Finally, the Mamba comes in both wired and wireless configurations. Razer assured me that the Mamba's performance is identical either way, and the wireless version features a long enough cord that you can keep playing while the mouse recharges.

Both versions of the Mamba mouse will launch in the third quarter of 2015, with the wired version going for $90 and its wireless counterpart at $150. Tom's Guide will have a full review once we get a unit in.

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