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RapidShare Within Legal Limits, But Now Has to Monitor Links

The company prevailed against GEMA, an organization that licenses rights to music in Germany, in a court case in Germany. Other than Megaupload, RapidShare has been much more subtle about its service approach and frequently stated that it is cooperating with copyright holders.

The result of the case, which was filed in June 2009, is not a clear cut decision with both parties claiming victory. RapidShare was not shut down and keep the content it has for now. However, the company now has to monitor incoming links to files and will have to remove content if it is represented by GEMA and owned by at least one of its 64,000 members. Besides music files, RapidShare will also have to monitor digital book content owned by publishers Campus as well as Walter de Gruyter.

RapidShare claims that it hosts about 160 million files maintained by about 42 million users.