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Quantum Break Hitting Windows 10 Same Day as Xbox One

Microsoft is finally delivering on its promise to take Windows 10 gaming seriously. The company announced today (Feb. 11) that developer Remedy Entertainment's upcoming time-bending blockbuster Quantum Break will be available on both Xbox One and Windows 10 at launch on April 5.

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

Even better, Microsoft (which is publishing the game), will also be offering the Windows 10 version for free to those who digitally preorder the Xbox One version through the Xbox Store, purchase a digital token at certain brick and mortar stores or preorder the special edition Xbox One bundle with the game. Physical discs are excluded from this offer, and it seems like those who don't invest in the game before release will have to buy the PC version separately.

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Whether or not you're preordering, Quantum Break will come bundled with another Remedy Entertainment game, Alan Wake, along with two DLC packs, The Signal and The Writer. The 2010 Xbox 360 release will be playable via backwards compatibility on Xbox One. Those who preorder Quantum Break will get a digital download of the game's pseudo-sequel, Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

The newly announced Xbox One Quantum Break bundle will include a white 500GB console with matching controller as well as digital versions of both Quantum Break and Alan Wake. It will release on March 2. If you're curious about the PC version's system requirements, check out Microsoft's FAQ.

Quantum Break was first announced in 2013 during an Xbox One reveal event, though the third-person shooter's look has changed considerably since then. The game's story, starring such big name actors as Shawn Ashmore and Aidan Gillen, will partially take place in a live-action TV series, which will have a plot that is affected by the choices you make while you play. To see if this storytelling experiment pays off, stay tuned for our full review later this year.