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Pyle's $250 eXpo HD Action Cam is a Budget GoPro Clone

More companies are getting in on the action-camera business. Pyle Audio joined the game today (May 1) with a sharp shooter. Pyle's $250, 20-megapixel eXpo HD Action camera can shoot HD video at up to 60 fps and comes with a bundle of accessories including a waterproof shell, several mounts and clips.

The Pyle eXpo camera offers a tantalizing package with its comprehensive set of accessories for a relatively low price, but looks extremely similar to industry leader GoPro. The GoPro model that best matches the eXpo's specs is the Hero 3+ Silver edition, which costs $299 with the accessories.

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At 20-megapixels, the Pyle promises more detailed images than GoPro's offerings, which range between 5 and 12 megapixels. The eXpo HD can shoot video at 60, 50, 30 or 25 frames per second at 1080p or 720p resolution. In comparison, GoPro's latest offering, the $399 Hero 3+ Black Edition, can record 4K (or four times HD resolution) at 15 fps, 1080p at 60 fps and 720p at 120 fps.

Pyle's camera gives you ISO light sensitivity options of 100, 200, 400, 800 or 1,600, which means you won't be able to get much detail in low light situations. GoPro's Hero 3+ series goes up to 6,400, making the GoPro four times as light sensitive as the Pyle for shooting by low-light. The ISO capability won't make much of a difference for underwater shooting, however, since you would need an external light source in any case.

You should get up to 2 hours of battery with the Pyle camera, according to the company, while DPReview was able to get slightly more than two hours of continuous video shooting out of the GoPro Hero 3+. Both brands offer Wi-Fi remote control via companion apps that also let you edit your shots from your mobile devices.

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