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Japan to Get White PlayStation 3 and Larger HDDs

Japan always gets a larger selection of consoles in various shades and colors compared to the rest of the world. Like the original PlayStation 3, Japan is getting a PS3 Slim in white – and looks quite classy.

Also totally new, and possibility a sign of what's to come to the rest of the world, is an upgrade of hard drive space. Gone are the 120GB and 250GB models, and in their place are newer 160GB and 320GB alternatives. The classic white PS3 Slim will only come in the 160GB flavor, but the easy-to-replace hard drive design of all PS3 models make it easy for you upgrade yours to any size you wish.

Sony traditionally has kept the color selection of the PlayStation family fairly limited outside Japan, but the bigger drives may make the trip over due to the now-standard 250GB HDD in the newly redesigned Xbox 360 S.

Check out more pictures at Andriasang.

  • jmack5864
    I'm hoping we see a silver one before too long....
  • insider3
    I still kind of like the original PS3's better. This one does look nicer than the black slim though.
  • SevenVirtues
    jmack5864I'm hoping we see a silver one before too long....They already have silver ones, my friend brought one back with him.
  • bin1127
    White is good. very sleek. how hard is it to get it here as well?
  • guanyu210379
    Black has always been my colour! White gets dirty in no time!
  • TunaSoda
    Black/white/purple, who cares? mine has ps2 hardware in it :D
  • Regulas
    They can keep it, the matte black is best for electronics.
  • eklipz330
    waiting for my blue ps3...
  • gdilord
    How about Traditional Computer Beige? :-)
  • sliem
    Black is more elegant... Matte is better.