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Price Cut Triggers Three-Fold Increase in PS3 Sales

According to aggregate retailer data conveyed by Sony, PS3 unit sales increased by 245% in the week of November 18 to November 24. For many shoppers, it was the first opportunity to purchase the new $400 version of the gaming system, which comes packed with a Blu-ray Disc version of Spider-Man 3 and a 40 GB internal hard drive.

The new model launched earlier this month and is the least expensive version of the console that Sony has launched so far. It’s even cheaper than the short-lived 20 GB model that launched alongside the more successful 80 GB unit last year.

Last month, Sony also lowered the price on its 60 GB PS3, bringing it down by $100 to $500. That move also caused a spike in sales, doubling week-to-week unit figures in mid-October.

The PS3 was also featured in the Black Friday ads of virtually every major consumer electronics retailer. Earlier this month the pricey console celebrated its one-year anniversary, but the party hasn’t been too great for Sony as the PS3 has lagged terribly behind the Wii and Xbox 360 since the beginning of 2007.