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PS3 Jailbreak Hacked to Nokia N900, Palm Pre

The PlayStation 3 hack has gone open source, and has been ported to smartphones, believe it or not.

The PS Jailbreak tool originally came in the form of a USB device. Now, similar software has been loaded onto smartphones that mimic the very same functionality.

Amazingly, the PSGroove hack has been ported to the Nokia N900 and the Palm Pre. Those phones, loaded with the right software, can be plugged into the PlayStation 3 with the USB lead to enable the special features.

The publically available codes do not come with the backup manager, which is required for playing games on the PS3 without the original media – but versions with the backup manager are possible and do exist.

Check out KaKaRoTo's Blog and PSX-Scene for more on the hacks.

(Source: Engadget.)