PlayStation 3 Finally Hacked With a USB Stick?

The PlayStation 3 has one of the best copy protection schemes in the history of consoles. In the near-four years since its launch, the machine will only run with legitimate games. The Xbox 360 and Wii, on the other hand, were cracked to run home-burned games years ago.

While there's been much work behind getting the PlayStation 3 cracked by those in the pirate industry, there wasn't much success – until maybe now. According to an Australian mod chip source, hackers and crackers in China and/or Hong Kong have developed a USB stick that will allow the PlayStation 3 to boot games copied to on the hard disk drive.

Kotaku has been in contact with OzModChips regarding this product, and the seller claims that the device is real and is most definitely not a hoax. OzModChips is currently taking preorders for the USB stick, which is called the "PS JailBreak," for $169.99 AUD.

The contact at OzModChips doesn't know much about how the USB device works, other than "it tricks the ps3 into thinking its a dev unit…"

The chip is supposedly going to be available at the end of the month. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • cptnjarhead
    Again.. piracy sucks.. but having to use a disk every time to play a game is retarded.. PC's, consoles.. its all about controlling the media/format .. but the more they restrict the harder people try to break it. Games should be down loadable for $20... but if you cant wait.. the stores should have them on the shelf for $30. at that price I couldn't help myself.. i would spend more in a couple of months on games then is spend all year. Seems simple to me.. but then again.. what the F@ck do i know :)
  • COLGeek
    This will work until Sony puts out another firmware update. Don't waste your time or your money. Don't be a pirate me mateys....argggg!
  • ally
    This is rumor control, here are the facts.

    ♥ This is not an exploit - it's a clone of the JIG Tool used by Sony to enter machines into service mode for repairs and the like. The term and methodology may be familiar to those of you whom have used "Pandora" batteries for the venerable PSP.

    ♥ This is not a USB Memory Key. Nobody is going to "upload the files" so you can have it for free. It's a complex device with its own FPGA. Will it be cloned? Probably. Will it be cheaper? Probably. Will it be free for you to torrent? No.

    ♥ This can not be software patched - ever. The methodology of the device is that it sends the required handshake to the SYSCON which then allows the PS3 to enter a Package Management mode. This is very similar to a service or debug mode insomuch as the unit relaxes security policies while in this mode. This could, for example, allow for a custom firmware package to potentially be installed, thus circumventing the requirement to use the device at each and every boot time. The SYSCON is not writeable by the console and as such no software patch can fix this; only a hardware revision ala the PSP 3000.

    The bottom line is this, however - this device does work. It does everything as advertised.
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  • nologo
    i will be purchasing this haha brilliant!
  • THEfog101
    It would appear long gone are the days of disassembling the unit to solder a Chip to the main board. Amazing to see how fast these procedures are evolving(im sure old school xbox and ps2 modders understand what im saying haha).I have a few friends who would be more than happy to get their hands on one of these lol
  • nologo
    i forecast sales for ps3 will rocket - lets face it..thats the main reason why xbox 360 had great sales..because everyone could mod it easily.