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Video: Prospero the Farming Robot

Photo: Engadget

Photo: Engadget

As much as we may all hopelessly deny it, humankind is lazy but somehow brilliantly discovers ways to facilitate and prolong said laziness. One example is this crafty little robot that can grow plants all on its own.

Prospero walks on its five legs over soil and uses a sensor located under its belly to detect exactly where some seeds need to be planted. After it moves on top of and determines the spot for planting, Prospero works its magic.

Everything from digging a hole, dropping a seed, and putting soil back over the hole is taken care of by this hard-working robot. When it's finished planting the seed, it'll even spray paint the ground to make a note of where the seed was successfully planted.

But that's not it, Prospero is also equipped with fertilizers and herbicides and can even communicate with other robots via infrared in order to make sure your farm or garden is maintained efficiently.

No details are given on how much an army of Prosperos working to maintain a large farm would cost, but we think it's safe to say it wouldn't be cheap. Check out the video below to see Prospero in action.