MicroVision Takes Pico Projection to the Next Level

MicroVision is showing off its new PicoMagic demonstration platform, which is powered by the PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine and can be integrated into portable devices to enable users to project images to an external surface. The company says its PicoMagic platform will be "ideal for various consumer and commercial mobile applications such as entertainment, advanced gaming, business projection, and education."

MicroVision is debuting two applications, the more intriguing of which projects a (virtually) touch sensitive image and allows interaction with multiple users, which could be interesting in meetings that require whiteboard displays. The other application enables a user to project 3D images for an entirely new and immersive experience.

"Pico projection is an emerging market with great growth opportunity for MicroVision and we believe consumers want a more engaging experience than just projecting information from mobile devices," said Alexander Tokman, president and CEO of MicroVision, in a prepared statement.

"We have developed the first two PicoMagic display applications based on this feedback from customers and consumers. The PicoMagic display applications open up new possibilities for OEMs and developers to create the next generation of pico projection products that go beyond basic projection. Combining the PicoP Gen 2 HD laser display engine with PicoMagic applications can give business users, educators and gamers an unmatched interactive and immersive content display experience.”

At this time, PicoP Gen 2 HD is only available as a "demonstrator," but is expected to become available in production numbers late this year to be used in commercial products in 2013.

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  • freggo
    "to be used in commercial products" ; that prob. means we the masses will not be able to afford it.
    Shame. Would love to play the now Flight Simulator using the whole living room wall :-)
  • house70
    It will become affordable in time, like every new tech out there.
    Gotta pay to play; always been this way, always will. They're not just gonna give this tech away.
  • stevo777
    I don't think it's appropriate to slap a gen 2 label on a technology that hasn't even been sold to the public as gen 1. Honestly, in my view, this is one of the silliest marketing ploys I've ever witnessed. If you have a decent cost competitive product, I'm sure cell manufacturers will pick it up without being spoon fed a bunch of PR nonsense.