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Xbox Project Scorpio Is Missing One Big Thing

Project Scorpio is going to be a beast. If the official specs are any indication, Microsoft's upgraded Xbox One will be a 4K and VR powerhouse that trounces even the PS4 Pro in terms of power.

But none of those nuts and bolts can fix Scorpio's biggest problem: it has no games worth getting excited about.

Project Scorpio. Image: Microsoft

Project Scorpio. Image: Microsoft

The PS4 has established itself as the clear frontrunner of this generation's console war, largely because of Sony's focus on delivering exciting exclusive titles. Just in 2017 alone, we've seen PlayStation-exclusive megahits such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nioh, Nier: Automata and Persona 5 from both first and third parties. All of these games got huge praise for delivering great gameplay and memorable worlds, not because they ran in 4K or loaded really fast.

What did Xbox fans get this year? Halo Wars 2, a neat strategy game, but not exactly a system-seller. Microsoft's upcoming 2017 game lineup follows a similar tune — Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves all look pretty cool, but no one's going to rush to a store to buy an Xbox just to play them.

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In order to make Project Scorpio (and, for that matter, the Xbox One) a success, Microsoft needs to double down on what makes people buy consoles: games.

Give us some exciting new franchises to get immersed in, like Sony did with Horizon. Bring back fan favorites like Fable, and maybe try something truly new with Halo and Gears of War. Most importantly, convince us why we need to play these games on Scorpio. Because without exclusive games or features, Scorpio is really just a fancy gaming PC — one that you can build or buy yourself and still play all of Microsoft's big games on thanks to the company's Play Anywhere program.

I say all of this as a diehard Xbox fan, and I really hope I'm pleasantly surprised by the time E3 2017 rolls around. By revealing all of Scorpio's tech specs early, Microsoft has put itself in a position to focus 100 percent on exciting, must-have titles for the console's inevitable coming out party. Let's hope it doesn't drop the ball.

  • Kaylee_3
    I'm excited to see how much better all the third party games are. I'm definitely buying a scorpio. I have a ps4 so that has the couple good ps4 exclusives covered but for everything else the scorpio will take care of that. Come on Red Dead Redemption 2.