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Here's How Project Scorpio Games Look in 4K vs 1080p

While we've yet to see full games running on Microsoft's Project Scorpio, we've got the next best thing: tech demos.

Xbox One (1080p) vs. Scorpio (1080p) vs. Scorpio (4K). Image: Windows Central

Xbox One (1080p) vs. Scorpio (1080p) vs. Scorpio (4K). Image: Windows Central

The folks at Windows Central got their hands on a series of images that showcase how the upcoming supercharged Xbox will enhance your games, and the improvements seem significant — even for folks that plan on playing Scorpio on a plain old 1080p TV or monitor.

One set of images, taken on both a standard Xbox One and a Scorpio unit, shows a woman in some sort of futuristic, steampunk library. When sliding between the 1080p Xbox One version and the 4K Scorpio version, the difference is clear; you can make out the woman's individual strands of hair in the Scorpio screenshots, and her facial scars and blemishes are far more pronounced.

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The next comparison shows the same screenshot, except it pits a 1080p Xbox One version against a Scorpio screenshot taken on a 1080p display. While the difference isn't quite as dramatic, it looks like you'll still enjoy better overall clarity even if you don't upgrade to a 4K TV for Scorpio.

Left: 4K; Right: 4K with enhancements. Credit: Windows Central

(Image credit: Left: 4K; Right: 4K with enhancements. Credit: Windows Central)

A separate image of a ladybug shows off the kinds of things developers will be able to take advantage of with Scorpio. While both screenshots of the bug were taken from Scorpio in 4K, the "enhanced" version is dramatically better, as you can see things such as the individual bumps and creases on the insect's eyes and shell. For Scorpio owners, this hopefully means significantly better in-game textures.

Project Scorpio is slated to arrive this holiday, and based on its official specs, could trounce Sony's PS4 Pro for the title of most powerful console. We still don't know its price, official name or what it looks like, but we expect Microsoft to take the wraps off all of that at E3 2017.

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