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Prizm Music Player Changes Tunes Based on Who's Around

LAS VEGAS Let's face it: there's a good chance your music habits change once other people enter the room. You might blast death metal when you're all alone, but you switch to some more palatable pop tunes the second your spouse walks in. The Prizm music player is built with this dynamic in mind, using Bluetooth technology to detect who's in the room and predict the proper playlist for that particular audience.

The compact, attractively triangular Prizm is designed to look nice sitting on top of whichever set of speakers you choose to connect to it. This minimalistic "music brain" features just a handful of inputs, with play/pause and volume buttons along its center flanked by 'Like' and 'Next' buttons for when you're enjoying or not enjoying a particular track, respectively.

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That simple "like/dislike" interface is what powers the Prizm's behavior, as the music player will attempt to get to know your tastes based on the songs that resonate with you the most. You can link the Prizm to your Spotify, Deezer or SoundCloud accounts via the gadget's companion app, allowing you to tap into your existing library of playlists.

So how the heck does Prizm know who's in the room? When setting up the player, you'll be able to link phones and wearables to specific profiles in the app. When someone walks in, Prizm picks up the Bluetooth signal from their device of choice in order to figure out they're there. Prizm's creators claim that the gadget will automatically play an appropriate playlist for the time of day and amount of people in the room, whether you're waking up on a Monday morning or partying with friends on a Friday night.

The device should connect to just about any speakers you own, featuring 3.5mm and optical connections as well as wireless functionality for Bluetooth and Airplay.

While the Prizm looks awesome up close, we'll have no way of knowing whether it can live up to its incredibly ambitious goal until we have one of our own. Those who backed the $160 device on Kickstarter can expect theirs to arrive early this year; everyone else will have to request an invite to buy one from Prizm's website.