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Polaroid Will Make Instant Film, Camera Again

Eighteen months ago, Polaroid devastated fans with the announcement that it would no longer be manufacturing instant film. Today, the company announced that instant film (and the One Step Instant Camera) would be re-introduced next year.

It seems the decision to remove instant film from the company's lineup was all down to a lame decision from management. Polaroid announced yesterday in a press conference that the company has seen the error of its ways and is enlisting The Impossible Project – a group of former Polaroid employees that took over the last factory producing instant films from the old Polaroid management – to develop and product a limited edition of Polaroid-branded instant films mid-2010.

Naturally, The Impossible Project is incredibly excited about the whole thing.

"After all the difficulties and changes of ownership during the last years, the new management of Polaroid now understands the source of the brand's attraction - which is surprisingly not based in digital cameras but in Dr. Edwin Land's groundbreaking 1948 invention of Instant Photography," the company said in a statement.

Such a happy piece of news for a Wednesday!