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Lamp With Phone/PMP Holder for the Minimalist

Obsessive-compulsive types who insist on desktop minimalism might give the POD lamp from OttLite a second look. Out the box, this desktop lamp is a pod. The front panel however detaches to reveal an angle and height-adjustable lamp, using a replaceable 13W HD bulb that's rated to last for 10,000 hours.

Directly below the lamp is a recess designed to hold your phone or portable media player for easy access. Even better, a cable management system lets users thread a USB cable or charger through the lamp's base. And of course, the POD lamp can retract the lamp over the recess to morph back into a pod.

The POD lamp comes in "dark grey" or white, and is available from OttLite's online store for $70. Buyers can get two in one go for $112.

OttLite POD lamp ($69.99, $111.98 for two)