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Cross-Platform MMOG Lands on Android

Back in September, Texas-based developer Spacetime Studios revealed its plans to launch a cross-platform MMOG spanning Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Microsoft Windows. Slated as the first in the industry, gamers would quest together in a persistent virtual world using the same shared server set.

"The Spacetime Engine offers seamless global multiplayer gameplay to anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch over 3G, Edge, and wireless networks," said Anthony L. Sommers, co-founder and CTO of Spacetime Studios two months ago. "We plan to add Android and PC users to the mix. In the near future, it will be possible to be on the bus in California with your iPhone, playing with someone in a park in France on their Android device, and both be playing in the same server set with someone in South Korea on their PC."

Prior to the announcement, Spacetime Studios released Pocket Legends for iOS, the action/RPG MMOG which uses the Spacetime Engine. The company then followed-up with an update (Pocket Legends: Adventures) in August.

"Pocket Legends is the world’s first Mobile MMO, providing addictive and smooth gameplay to tens of thousands of people all over the world," reads the MMOG's website. "The game’s pick-up-and-play nature, unparalleled matchmaking capabilities and instanced sessions have helped it become the #1 RPG on the iPad."

Now the Android version has moved out of closed beta and has arrived on the Android Market, partially fulfilling the studio's vision of mobile/PC cross-platform gaming. As with the iOS version, the MMOG is free to download and free to play, but relies on in-game purchases such as equipment, additional areas and more to generate revenue.

As a treat for Android gamers, the developer has launched its Find the Droid "treasure hunt," enticing players to seek out the iconic green Google Android. Those who stumble across the robot will be granted permanent Android Robot Antennas simply by waving.

Spacetime Studios was formed to work on a previous MMOG project for PC games publisher NCsoft Corp, consisting of veteran developers who previously worked on Star Wars Galaxies and the Wing Commander series. However when the project was canceled, the team scaled down to six members and began working on the Spacetime Engine. The studio now has ten members and plans to hire on 20 more within the next year.

The PC version pf Pocket Legends is slated to arrive after Android's release, however the date is still unknown.