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PMA 2008: Part 2 - Point and Shoot Cameras

PMA Digital Cameras: Introduction

Everyone doesn’t need to spend $500 (or more) on a digital camera, despite what the salesperson might have told you the last time you were shopping for one. Most of us will do quite well spending less, often under $250. These reasonably priced cameras, often referred to as consumer or point and shoot cameras, made a massive appearance at this year’s PMA show.

However, having an abundance of options to choose from isn’t always a good thing. Many of these cameras looked like clones of one another. I’ve sifted through the many options to find the handful that I feel are unique in their price range.

  • What about other manufacturers?
  • This is really a waste of an article. All you did was rehash the marketing specs. You must be hard up for news. Also, the sd1100 does not use AA batteries. Maybe you should also look into the history of bad image quality from the prior versions of some of these cameras before you recommend them for there specs. If you have any experience with digital cameras, you know they rarely live up to their specs.
  • this is just an ad article....good to know the new when reading any ad elsewhere...have to wait for a full review.
  • lancastrian
    I agree with the criticisms above. I heard a 5 minutes review of PMA 2008 on ABC Australia this am and the big buzz was that the 2008 models had blink and smile technology that was wowing the crowd.

    Your review could be obtained from the manufacturers' brochures.Just a few specs, price and release date.

    My main interest in point and shoots is a reasonable, blur-free still image and a good quality MPEG 4 movie capture in a shirt-pocket size. No mention of any of the latter two.

    What's available that's new for me?
  • I own a S5500 and it has got the best feature and quality in its price range. I am glad to see S1000fd gets smaller, which size is the only thing S5500 disappoints me. I am going to take S1000 when it comes out.
  • These aren't even information that would help anyone decide on purchasing a digital camera. I stopped reading the article after the A580 was stated as having "slightly improved specs versus the A470: the A580 has a resolution of 8 Megapixels and a 4x optical zoom." Are you serious? The lens are totally different specs; you can't compare cameras just by the optical zoom because some cameras have different focal range even with the same optical zoom. This should be an introduction to new and upcoming cameras not a review.