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Plug and Save: 15 Hard Drive Enclosures and Adapters Reviewed

Kingwin's KH-350U Goes Disco

Kingwin's silver aluminum enclosure looks like it has come straight from the disco era. The KH-350U has a small LED on both sides that lights up a transparent plastic tube. The blue LED is always on and signals that the enclosure is operational. The red lamp only flashes when the USB is transferring data. The blink rate is based on the size of the file being copied. The LED flashes wildly when copying smaller files, but the light will only go out once a 1 GB VOB file has been completely copied. The enclosure can be stood on its end on the two feet provided. Inside, the KH-350U has room for an IDE hard drive in 3.5" format, which can then be connected to a PC or notebook via USB 2.0. Its data transfer rate is 20 MB/s - hardly anything to write home about. Expect this enclosure to take up to 8% of CPU processor capacity.

Stands securely on its own two feet

Smart sales packaging