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Plug and Save: 15 Hard Drive Enclosures and Adapters Reviewed

Icybox IB-350US: Comes With A Fast Serial ATA Converter

The next Icybox enclosure for 3.5" hard drives also comes in an airy design. The similarities to the IB-350UE-BL are unmistakable, the IB-350US lacks the lighting and transfer effects, however. There are differences in their interfaces too. Instead of FireWire, this enclosure has an external Serial ATA connection. Inside there's room for an IDE hard drive with parallel ATA. A converter chip switches the signal from IDE to S-ATA, enabling the enclosure to communicate with any internal onboard interface. The additional USB 2.0 port is for connecting the IB-350US to PCs without Serial ATA support. Although its data transfer rate is far below that of the second interface, it's more than acceptable for USB 2.0.

Easy to confuse with the IB-350UE-BL enclosure but without light show

The Icybox IB-350US packaging