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Plug and Save: 15 Hard Drive Enclosures and Adapters Reviewed

Icybox IB-355-U: Flashes When Transmitting

The IB-335-U enclosure is made of lightweight aluminum and is suitable for a 3.5" hard drive. After assembly and connection to the PC, the box automatically checks whether the other device supports USB 2.0. An LED lights up if this is the enclosure. Although the enclosure is backward compatible with USB 1.x, copying takes ages using this protocol. Several LEDs in the IB-355-U start flashing when data is transmitted from the PC to the external drive. The lamps stay on for a longer or shorter time depending on the size of the data set, which can be seen in our videos.

The ICYBOX can sit up straight on its feet

Sales packaging

The dual function of the aluminum protects and cools the hard drive

A light show when data is transmitted (see videos on the next page)