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Plug and Save: 15 Hard Drive Enclosures and Adapters Reviewed

Lindy ME-720U2SI: Internal IDE, External S-ATA And USB 2.0

Another external enclosure with a Serial ATA connector is the ME-720U2IDE, which also supports USB 2.0. But on opening it, it's clear that it won't take an IDE hard drive. A bridge controller converts the IDE signal into something the Serial ATA interface can understand. The USB 2.0 port provides more flexibility; although it only manages 17 MB/s on average, most computers have it. Using a Serial ATA cable, our IDE hard drive reached a respectable 37 MB/s.

One enclosure fits all at Lindy

An IDE hard drive fits in here

Both USB 2.0 and Serial ATA can be used

Disappointing performance with USB 2.0 (click to enlarge)

Serial ATA would have been better, but USB 2.0 does the job by any measure (click to enlarge)