LIVE BLOG: Sony PlayStation Keynote @ E3 2010

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Welcome to our live blog. If you've just joined us, read from bottom to top to get caught up.

1:51 - Tretton is back on stage and wrapping up. That's it for Sony's keynote. Thanks for joining us!

1:50 - Long Twisted Metal demo. Lots of things to play. This keynote is running pretty long. Sadly, no signs of PSP2. Doesn't look like there will be a new portable from Sony with the refreshed ad campaign for the existing PSP tech.

1:44 - David Jaffe takes the stage to announce a new Twisted Metal for PS3. It's the original designer from the original PS1 game. Now the fight takes to the skies as well as on the road. Classic deathmatch, up to 16 players. Local splitscreen as well.

1:41 - Infamous 2 announced for 2011.

1:40 - Gran Turismo 5 trailer. We've waited too long for this game. Nice to see the Top Gear collaboration. There's the Stig! We have a date: November 2, 2010.

1:35 - We just heard that the site is now working. Yay for ad campaigns.

1:33 - Tretton: "Exclusive is my new favorite word."

1:32 - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood will have exclusives on PS3 too, including the multiplayer beta. Sony's really going after exclusives now.

1:31 - Mafia II will have exclusive content just for the PS3 on day 1.

1:29 - Video trailer time for Final Fantasy 14, the MMO.

1:27 - Newell says that Portal 2 will be the best version of the game on any console, or in other words, the Xbox 360. This is thanks to Sony's more open approach, and this might mean STEAM FOR PS3. Gabe didn't confirm it, but it sounds like the freedom of Sony's platform gives Valve better ability to customize its games. This means more frequent updates and DLC -- maybe even custom maps and mods, like how Unreal Tournament III was more open on the PS3. Coming 2011. [UPDATE: That'll be Steamworks for PS3, which means "auto updates, community features, downloadable content, and more."]

1:25 - It's the voice of Glados... Portal 2 surprise. Gabe Newell takes the stage and admits his outspoken comments against the PS3. It seems that Sony's been able to solve many of Valve's issues with the PS3. They got Gabe on board, as Portal 2 is coming to PlayStation 3 as well.

1:22 - Time for Dead Space 2. More survival horror in space, kicked up a notch. Dead Space: Extraction will be an exclusive at it's a Move game.

1:20 - PS3 will get exclusive MoH special edition with a remastered version of MoH: Frontlines.

1:14 - EA's John Schappert hits the stage to show new games. Medal of Honor demo now, even though it's not an exclusive. EA's going to try to outdo MW2 with the most authentic modern warfare experience. Trailer. Multiplayer is being developed by DICE, of Battlefield fame. SP is done in house in LA. Now showing new multiplayer map made by DICE. Modern Warfare gamers will love the frantic action. The beta hits June 21, the game is on October 21.

1:10 - New PSN subscription level: PlayStation Plus. Online gaming still free, but Plus payers will get exclusives such as early demos, beta invites, DLC, full PSN games, discounts on the PSN, push updates for patches, demos. PlayStation Plus coming later this month. 1 year for $50, 3 months for $18. The first 3 months will be free. Wipeout HD will be free. Content will be owned for as long as you are subscribed.

1:06 - "Now you can make any game... RTS, puzzle game, shooter" with LBP2. A four player button mashing competition game is on show. Who can push the X and O's the fastest in the right order? Next, a four player bumper car game. Final game type is rocket arena, which plays a little bit like Smash Bros. but with rocket launchers instead of punches and kicks.

1:05 - Jack: "We bought Media Molecule to keep ideas" of Little Big Planet 2. Now Alex Evans hits the stage to demo LBP 2. More Play Create Share.

1:03 - PS Home has virtual E3 booth modeled after the real booth. Go check it out!

1:02 - PSN movie and TV show distribution is headed to Canada later this year.

1:01 - 50 million PSN registered users. Tester season 2 coming this fall. Casting call is open today! Get famous.

12:57 - Over 70 new PSP games coming this year. ModNation Racers, Ace Combat: Joint Assault, Gravity Crash, Dragon Ball Z, Hot Shots Tennis, Madden 11, Kingdom Hearts II, Patapon 3, Fat Princess, Tetris (yes... Tetris!), EyePet, Piyotama, The 3d Birthday, Persona 3 Portable, Ys, Valkyeria Chronicles 2 mentioned in trailer.

12:55 - Now Tretton is talking about Invizimals, which uses the PSP camera for altered reality gaming. Now it's time for a God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP trailer. Sadly, it's all CG. Where's the gameplay?

12:52 - Jack is back and talking about the PSP. TV ad shows showing a kid named Marcus about how PSP needs to topple the iPhone. ? It's a big ad campaign. Link redirects to YouTube and it's not working yet. Oops.

12:51 - Lots of game support, including Time Crisis, Resident Evil 5, Killzone 3, SOCOM, Lord of the Rings, TRON, EyePets, NBA 2K11 (with Jordan on the cover!)

12:49 - $49 for the Move controller, $29 for the sub controller, $99 bundle with the Move controller, PS Eye and Sports Champions game. $399 bundle with PS3 Slim.

12:48 - Move launch dates: Sept 15 Europe, Sept 19 North America, October 21 Japan.

12:44 - Kevin delivers a crazy speech with a gamer's rallying cry. Odd, but entertaining.

12:41 - Kevin says he loves games. He says gaming is all about having a massive TV in a tiny apartment... and staying up till 3 a.m. to earn a trophy that isn't real... BUT IS. We agree.

12:40 - Sony announces a marketing promotion with Coca-Cola and PlayStation Move. Oh, and Kevin Butler shows up!

12:39 - Another new game, Heroes on the Move with Rachet, Clank, Jack, Daxter, Sly and more. Looks like Sony superstars.

12:37 - Move for Tiger Woods PGA 11 will be a PSN update to the game later this year.

12:35 - Another game that's mapped to 1:1 movement. Wilson misses the shot on the first swing, maybe to show how precise it is at reading the player's moves.

12:34 - You can use the Move controller to control Tiger Woods' club in any way you want. Well, on the golf course, that is.

12:33 - Next up, sports games with PlayStation Move. It's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 being demonstrated by EA's Andrew Wilson. There needs to be an initial calibration to get Move synced.

12:30 - A game like Sorcery is begging for some kind of Harry Potter license. It's coming Spring 2011.

12:29 - Character can turn into a rat to explore new areas. There doesn't seem to be a lot of Move motion control when it rat mode at all.

12:27 - New games for Move being shown off. Sorcery is a 3rd person action game just for Move. Typical fantasy fight vs. evil premise. Looks like the Move controller is mapped 1:1 to the magic wand in the boy's hand. Simple flicks of the wrist send projectiles flying.

12:25 - Dille talks about how important having buttons is. This is something that Sony feels makes Move better than Xbox 360 Kinect.

12:20 - Peter Dille takes the stage to talk about PlayStation Move. He explains how the Move's motion sensors work in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye. Now a trailer hits with developers talking about Move.

12:17 - Jack is back and he's telling us that PlayStation 2 isn't dead yet. It's still selling millions, despite being a decade old.

12:16 - Stay tuned for pictures as we upload them.

12:15 - PlayStation Move AND 3D support: The Fight, Pets, MLB. Kaz says it's the closest thing to real life.

12:14 - Kaz is back and confirms Gran Turismo in 3D. Mortal Kombat, Crysis 2, Ghost Recon, Tron Evolution, NBA 2K11, Shaun White, all in 3D too.

12:12 - Killzone 3 coming February 2011. It'll work with PlayStation Move too. Get ready for waggle shooting action. No demo on that yet, though.

12:10 - Do you have a 3D TV that'll be capable of running this once it hits homes? I don't... yet.

12:07 - Sadly, the emphasis on 3D this year means that it's tough for those not physically at E3 to experience the new PS3 3D games or the Nintendo 3DS.

12:06 - Killzone 3 looks at least as impressive as Killzone 2. That's a pretty high mark, especially since it's rendering in 3D.

12:04 - PS3 3D games now available for download through PSN. Now it's time for Killzone 3 in 3D demo.

12:02 - Kaz Hirai takes the stage to talk about 3D. "Sony is the undisputed leader of 3D." "Sony drive the industry to Blu-ray." Lots of marketing talk about how awesome 3D will be thanks to the PS3 and Bravia. Installed base of 35 million PS3s, all 3D capable through system update.

12:01 - Tretton is talking about the future-proofness of the PS3. All the stuff about hard drives in every unit, built in WiFi and Blu-ray.

12:00 - Trailer is playing showing off the PlayStation universe of things, with Move motion controller as well as current PSP offerings, both the PSP Go and the new PSP-3000 pack for MGS Peace Walker. We hope there will be some big surprises. CEO Jack Tretton takes the stage!

11:59 - Sony/Kevin Butler pokes fun at Kinect saying who wants to use their hands as a gun.

11:50 - The Sony keynote at E3 kicks off in 10 minutes. Be sure to join us for our live blog of all the new things for PlayStation.