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Travelers Choose WiFi Over Food on Planes

Over the last year a several airlines have either rolled out (or announced plans to roll out) in-flight WiFi for domestic flights in the United States. Most have embraced the news, glad that they can send emails, talk to friends online and browse the web to help pass the hours in the air. However, what’s more surprising is that, despite it not being a standard on all flights, this amenity is already valued more than in-flight food.

According to a survey conducted by American Airlines and Hewlett Packard, almost half of passengers ranked WiFi as more important than food while traveling. The survey spanned more than 1,500 frequent business travelers (frequent in that they take more than twenty trips a year on three or more airlines). Maximum PC reports that just over 47 percent of people said WiFi was the most important, besting their desire for food by almost 30 percentage points. The group cited the lack of electrical outlets as the most annoying thing on a flight, with 24 percent putting it as the most important thing on a flight.

When you take a step back, it’s not exactly shocking news. Airline food sucks and whatever the speed of the WiFi, you can’t bring your own internet. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t bring some kind of food on the plane with me when I traveled. Which would you guys rank as most important? The WiFi or the food? I have to say, I quite like not having the WiFi because it means I’m not contactable for a few hours, which is a nice change from the usual constant stream of emails. However, I would gladly give up the chow if I was guaranteed an outlet to plug into. Feel free to let us know what else bugs you most about flying. The lack of leg room, the absence of electrical outlets, the crappy food or the obligatory crying kid?