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Pioneer Kuro Plasmas Cease Production in April

The announcement that Pioneer would be ditching the TV business was a sad one for all home theater aficionados.

Pioneer’s Kuro plasma HDTV line is regarded as the very best in the business. Sadly, due to hard economic times and financial losses, Pioneer decided to call it quits on making TVs.

Today we found out just that the last Kuro plasma TVs will be produced in April, with production being completely over by May. According to CrunchGear’s report on the Japanese press release, on April 1 Pioneer will roll out two 50-inch (RP-500A and KRP-500M) and two 60-inch models (KRP-600A and KRP-600M), but only 2,500 50-inch models and 500 60-inch TVs will make it off the line before the closure.

No doubt that the new and very limited models will be highly sought after by those who both want what will be undoubtedly a gorgeous display as well as a piece of history. Those who do manage to purchase one of the last Kuros won’t have to worry about support either, as Pioneer said in its statement that it will continue to warranty the new panels for eight years--keeping a stockpile of repair parts until 2017.

The future looks bleak for plasma TV. While many LCD HDTVs are stunning in their own right, especially the LED-backlit 240 Hz models, it’s still nice to have choice in technology for different applications.

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