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Pioneer's Cordless Phones Boxy but Good

In this age of smartphones and VOIP, it would be a safe assumption that plain-old telephones are only good for emergency and "mission-critical" communications. In fact, the only possible reason you'd want a landline is because your alarm system needs it, or your DSL provider insists that you have to get a phone service to avail of the discounted rate.

If you find yourself in such a situation, why not make the most out of it? Sure, you could get a hamburger phone like the one in Juno, but if you're not a hipster, Pioneer Japan provides other options. Take the TF-FN2000, for example. It's a cordless system that features 3.5" thin handsets, along with a base that has an LCD readout.

It's not the fanciest cordless system in the world, but like Dudley Moore once said, it's "boxy, but good." Hey, if it's enough for an '80s Volvo, it's good enough for Pioneer.

[source: Crunch Gear]