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Pimp Out Your PDA With Sizzling Software


In a world where street corners are inundated with iPod-toting twenty-somethings, city buses have become PSP clubs, and every airplane is a second home to dozens of PMPs, the original digital handheld, the PDA, still reigns supreme. That's because, with the right software, you can add the functionality of virtually any portable device to your PDA.

Whether you need to house and use your digital media collection or you just want to lose a little bit of weight for beach season, your PDA can help you out, due to the vast and rich collection of PDA software has been amassed over the past several years. However, with literally thousands of applications out there, it's tough to find the perfect piece of software, the needle in the haystack, which really turns your PDA into more than just a bland handheld device.

That's why I've compiled a list of some really hot software for Pocket PCs that will appeal to all PDA owners, fanatic or not. These apps are sure to give your PDA that productivity facelift you've been looking for.

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